About WLP

World Leaders Proposal is a website where we the people, can be leaders of our world.

How is this possible?

By forming a proposal that we all can have a say on. A proposal that we can shape, modify and evolve. A proposal that is formed through global citizens from every part of the world, in a mass collaborative effort. It is a mass participation project, a global initiative, a global collaboration. Where it leads us nobody could say...

Will you be a World Leader with us?

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About me

My name is Shaun Beaumont and I am a mature aged student currently in my third and final year at Queensland University of Technology.

I left the manufacturing industry, where I had been working for the last ten years, to attempt a career change into new media/digital technologies. In 2009, I became a full time student at M.S.I.T. TAFE to gain entry into university as well as a pre-cursor to using computers. (I didn't know what "copy and paste" was!)

I was nominated for student of the year, and made it to the regional finals for my Adult Tertiary Preparation course, and received an OP of 3 which gave me entry into university, where I am currently studying Interactive and Visual Design.

World Leaders Proposal is my side project where I hope to be able to build a small community that collaborates on world issues, and join other like-minded initiatives on the internet.


Through the forum, various comments may be voted on and used to edit the existing proposal, so that it may be shaped by the community.

Live stream debate

Welcome to the future of political debate! Whilst the internet should never replace face to face discussion on vital and important issues, technology provides us with the ability to have a global audience participate and watch live debate as it happens!